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    Listen in for a minute.
See what the people who know, say about Beginnings Battered Women's shelter.

    "What a crock. Ain't no battered women there." Unknown caller.

    "These women are my responsibility." Kaye Berreano, counselor at Beginnings, battered women's shelter.

    "Battered women are strange animals." Liz Windfield, head counselor, Beginnings.

    "We have to show these s.o.bs what's what." Nicky, pregnant, 20-year old resident of Beginnings.

    "I can tell you from the outside, Beginnings looks the same as any other house on this street." Leanne Gallegos, radio station reporter.

    "You think God set the fire to punish Mary Ellen for leaving her husband?" Kaye Berreano.

    "...She went to this shelter of yours, and you people killed her." Ethel Milford, victim's mother.

Safe Beginnings: a fire, a murder, a battered woman's nightmare.

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Midwest Book Reviews (Aug 2002) says, "Christine Duncan's Safe Beginnings is a unique and compellingly written mystery of suspense featuring a battered woman's counsey hlor as the heroine. ...Safe Beginnings is a very highly recommended, realistic, gritty mystery that reflects the darker side of life for tens of thousands of women today."    
Safe Beginnings was an
Inscriptions Magazine 2001 Book of the Year!
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"Five Daggers" Evelyn Gale All About Murders Reviews
Toby Bromberg of Romantic Times Bookclub says, "Using a topical subject, Safe Beginnings is a fast enjoyable read. The storytelling is straightforward, the clues nicely plotted, and the heroine is strong, with just the right touch of vulnerability to be appealing." August RT Bookclub.

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Safe Beginnings was a 2003 Bloody Dagger Award Nominee! Click on the Banner for More Info on the Bloody Dagger.

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